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Judge Application - Winter 2007
paynesgrey wrote in shikon_awards
We are now taking judging applications for the Shikon Awards Winter 2007 Session.

If you would like to judge for us, please give the following:

* email address.

* chat client and name (if any).

* experience within fan/professional writing/editing. You must include a link to some of your work. If you cannot link to your work please send me a writing sample by EMAIL. Please specifically label your email's subject line as a writing sample to become a judge.

* any genres of fanfiction that you don't read (erotica, AU, dark/horror, etc). If there are certain pairings you know that you can not be impartial too, let us know. Please be aware that we may not accept you because you cannot be impartial to all works of fiction.

* an impartiality statement (so we know you understand the concept of fairness).

Please answer in reply to this screened post.


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