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Most Promising WIP Submissions
shikon_mods wrote in shikon_awards
Most Promising Work in Progress

Story must show high levels of quality in all areas (dialogue, characterization, plot, premise, description, pacing, etc.) and have great potential to be an exceptional fanfiction upon completion. All ratings. Incomplete only.

Fics eligible for this round must had its most recent chapter published between January 1st, 2008 to July 15th, 2008 to qualify. We do this so our judging is as up-to-date as possible. (We do not penalize authors for updating.)

If the story is completed after nomination but before the judging period, it will remain in the Best Work in Progress category. However, the story will be eligible next round for the other completed categories.

For more information on this please visit the FAQs.


Please read the submissions already submitted so we don't have any doubles. If someone has beat you to the nomination, please feel free to nominate something else.

All submissions are due July 15th, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. Central time.

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Title: Yellow Brick Road
Author: emmaren / RenEmma
Author's email:...
Rating: NC-17
Category: Best WIP
Why nominating?: The plot is very creative. She describes a Kagome after Naraku's defeat who is not the happy girl that we all expect. Also, she is able to blend two seemingly incompatible concepts, Inuyasha and the yellow brick road of Oz, very smoothly, while keeping the integrity of characters intact. Overall, I see much potential in this fanfic.

Title: Progression
Author: Sidhe
Author's email: Unknown
Rating: NC-17
Category: Best WIP
Why you are nomming it: It manages to be an AU highschool fic (of a sort) that isn't completely vapid, keeps the characters in-character, and is just swimming with sexual tension. I loved every single word of this story.


I just wanted to ask if self nominations are permitted?

Yep, you can nominate yourself.

Nomination submission

Title: The Preferential Slave
Author: Lady Sianna
Author's email:
Rating: M for later chapters
Category: Best WIP
Why I'm nominating it: I am the author so my opinions may be bias, but I think the story is pretty well written. It has an element of mystery which I think some people enjoy. In addition, I still have quite a few surprises in mind for the story. I've tried very hard to keep the characters true, and I've tried to avoid many of the cliches I've seen throughout fandom. Overall I think it's a really good story.,com_ewriting/Itemid,153/chapter,1566/func,chapterinfo/story,404/type,0/

Title: Pack Law
Author: psyco_chick32
Author's email:
Rating: X for later chapters
Category: Best WIP
Why I'm nominating it: I'm the author, but I've gotten great feedback on the story so far. Though it has several OCs, I'm trying to keep story very Inu-Tachi based; it's a fic set in the present that tries to avoid the usual cliches.

Another self-nomination.

Title: Encore [Sesshomaru/Rin and some Inuyasha/Kagome]
Author: Isha
Author's email:
Rating: Going to be R in the later chapters.
Category: Best WIP
Why nominating?: Well, I'm probably biased, but I've been getting good reviews, so I'm guessing it's pretty good, even if I do say so myself. I plan to tie in the manga ending with the plot, even though it is slightly AU, and I hope to subvert the 'Sesshomaru-is-a-well adjusted-super-successful-fabulously-rich-guy-in-the-modern-times' cliche.

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